Digital Supply Chain

Providing a digitally enabled Platform to architect innovative and resilient supply chain models across enterprise functions and business networks. The platform’s capabilities enable enterprises to benefit from increased agility, higher margins and lowered costs.

Increased system interoperability

Enable cross-functional integration across systems to provide seamless exchange of information

Resilient supply chain

Intelligent models capable of adapting to unpredictable events in the external and internal network

Predictive approach to risk mitigation

Identify potential risks in real-time facilitating data-driven decisions and lucrative outcomes

360-degree visibility

Centralized view of end-to-end operations with real-time alerting capability, resulting in quick diagnosis and prompt response

The below areas are critical for the success and optimal functioning of enterprise supply chains.

Operational & Process

Rig move optimization
Inventory reduction


Working capital benefits
ICV spend


Proven technology
Analytics driven decision making

Digital Asset Analytics

Advanced AI powered predictive analytics platform that offers a 360-degree view of remote assets. Automated analytical models analyse larger and more complex datasets on a real-time basis to deliver more insightful and accurate results, enabling companies to identify and predict challenges, detect increasingly sophisticated patterns and raise alerts based on the severity levels of incidents.

Digital Stakeholder Management

Transformative insights across the organisation that aid in smarter decision-making and the possibility to invent new models to capitalise on market opportunities. Interactive and intuitive visualisations of organizational KPIs, metrics and data, providing end-to-end visibility of activity, to assess the impact of internal and events at both a strategic and operational level. Advanced algorithms are used to predict hazards and quantify associated risks result in stakeholders being able to strengthen HSE programs and improve safety across the aboard. Predictive and prescriptive analytical models allow for automated decision-making to ensure immediate action is taken.

Geo Data Management

A platform for the next generation of exploration and production data usage, designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. The technology is modular by design introducing richer capabilities such as control with your domain specialists – providing access to data when needed Quality checks across diverse data sets with an easy to use interface, allowing users to create simple to complex rules to execute across all data.